You’re allowed to be CRAZY… You’re Pregnant!

You're allowed to be CRAZY... You're Pregnant!

In case you need permission, tell your partner, your mother, your boss, and anyone else that I have made it okay for you to lose your mind occasionally. You’re pregnant. Some days are really rough! I mean, between the morning sickness, constant exhaustion, weird food aversions, sensitivity to all kinds of smells, and a variety of other symptoms, it’s no wonder pregnant women constantly feel like everything around them is overwhelming and uncomfortable. But I personally believe that the worst of it for me was what it did to my emotions. I was so emotionally sensitive and strongly affected by… everything! Pregnancy made me feel like an unstable, lunatic. I say that with an intense amount of admiration and love for pregnant women. I truly believe that pregnant women should be treated with reverence and given the world during those 9 months, but until the rest of society agrees with that view, this is my heartfelt attempt to let you know that you are appreciated and respected, one new mom to another. I would just like to share my own “crazy” to help normalize your experience. So if you are the type of preggo that cries for everything and feels her feelings very strongly, this is my love letter to you!

My favorite “super preggo” moment came after an exhausting shopping trip. I was only 4 months pregnant but I felt like I was being run over by a truck every second of every day. It’s unfair when people comment about how we’re not “that” pregnant and shouldn’t be complaining yet. Even at the very beginning, our bodies are working so hard to create life that it drains so much energy from us. Screw those people! Anyway, so we’re putting away groceries from this shopping trip when I realize that we bought a new orange juice jug even though we still had more than half of a jug of orange juice in the refrigerator. It hit me so hard that there was no way we were going to be able to drink all that orange juice before it expired. I couldn’t help myself. I slumped onto the floor in front of the fridge and just sobbed. My husband, not knowing what was happening, came over and just hugged me. (He had gotten used to easily triggered meltdowns) I cried into his arms as I explained that it’s just so sad that we aren’t going to get to drink the juice. It’s so good and so nutritious but there isn’t enough time. He held me silently as I cried like the awesome guy that he is.

Boy, do I have a million other stories like that one. During my pregnancy, I couldn’t watch commercials with babies, pregnant women, military homecomings, anti smoking ads, etc. I would just cry uncontrollable. I stopped watching all of my favorite shows such as L&O, Criminal Minds, and Homeland because I would cry thinking of bringing my child into such a dangerous world.

From one super crazy, emotional ex-pregnant lady: Let your crazy flag fly. When else are you going to have full permission to feel your emotions so openly and intensely? My biggest hope is that you feel safe enough to fully be yourself. Allow yourself to get emotional as you daydream about what your baby will look like, or feel the pain watching a stranger have a life struggle on TV, or the disappoint of not finishing the orange juice.

Because the reality is that life doesn’t always allow us to feel these deep feelings for silly reasons. Outside of pregnancy we experience true hurts and pains and disappointments because life is just that tough. Now that I have a baby, I wish I could go back to my simple pregnancy worries. I will fully admit that I was blessed enough to not have many “real life” worries during my pregnancy. I know that that is not true for other pregnant women who have so much actual difficulties in their lives. I send so many positive vibes, love, and prayers your way.

Pregnant women, you deserve the right feel however you feel about any and everything. You deserve to be supported as a new mother who wants the best for her baby. You deserve to be told that you are beautiful, that your body is doing something amazing, and that no matter what, you are loved beyond measure…. And that no amount of crazy will ever change that. Enjoy this time because there is nothing like it!

With an intense amount of love to all the preggos out there!


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