I’m a Mom Now… This is what Happiness Is


When I was a girl,

happiness was the day a new Backstreet Boys’ album came out,

Christmas Eve anticipation,

Watching TV on my grandpa’s lap,

And reading my Goosebumps books way past my bedtime.

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When I was a teenager,

happiness was pop punk concerts,

Snow days spent curled up on the couch,

Having my own car,

And going to protests in D.C. because I believed I could make a difference.

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When I was in college,

Happiness was all-nighters with my roommate,

Daily church services with people so much cooler than me,

Going anywhere with free food,

And daydreaming about my boyfriend (who would later become my husband)



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But now I’m a mom.


Happiness is getting to take an extra long shower once in a while.

Getting daily afternoon naps with a beautiful little girl nuzzled into me.

Waking up with sunrise while she nurses from my chest.

Best of all,

Happiness is…

Her laugh when I blow raspberries into her belly.

The curious look on her face when we read pop up books.


The way she grabs hold of me tightly when I’m about to put her down to sleep.

Her big beautiful eyes locked onto mine when I call her name.

Watching her grow more and more mobile everyday.

The smell of her perfect, giant head.

The sound of her whiny cry just begging for me to pick her up.

Waking up to her kicking me in the stomach out of excitement

or slapping my boobs because she’s hungry.

I guess just waking up to her in general.

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I’m a mom now.

My happiness lives in her smile.





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